ChekhovOS in NYC
ChekhovOS is a hybrid theater experience — live, in-person, virtual - immersive, and interactive inspired by Anton Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard".

A new iteration premiered Off-Broadway for live audiences at New York's Baryshnikov Arts Center and for virtual audiences everywhere online. Participants from around the globe enter Chekhov's universe and witness the prayers, confessions, and dreams of his characters, as portrayed by a stellar cast led by Jessica Hecht, with special guest star Mikhail Baryshnikov as Chekhov.

Starring Jessica Hecht
with Anna Baryshnikov, Darya Denisova, Jeffrey Hayenga, Nael Nacer & Mark Nelson and Mikhail Baryshnikov as Anton Chekhov

Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York (Live | In-Person) and Online Worldwide (Virtual | Interactive)
ArtCats Team's Contribution to the Project

At Design Studio ArtCats, we were privileged to collaborate on "The Cherry Orchard" play, crafting a suite of visual elements that not only defined but also elevated the brand's presence. Our contributions included the creation of the core image, multiple iterations of the project's logotype, a dynamic landing page, engaging social media graphics, artistic posters, informative lobby monitor slides, an elegant Playbill, an eye-catching stage banner, the distinctive Maestro Arlekin brand image, sponsor visuals, a captivating video, and unique NFT frame images.

Our endeavor was to curate a collection of design elements that would not only define the play's identity but also enhance its visibility and appeal. We embarked on a journey to forge a cohesive corporate identity, develop a compelling project landing page, and create visually arresting key images that deeply resonate with the audience of the play.