NFT & Digital Art talks in Metaverse
18 Dec
11:30 am – 2:30 pm | CET
18 Dec
11:30 am – 2:30 pm | CET
Metaverse AI Exhibition Opening
Yana Kuzmina & Denis Semionov / @sa1ntdenis
EXILAND welcoming & intro from curators

12:00 — 12:30
Sylvain Lévy, collector, owner dslcollection
Digital Twins and new art life in Metaverse

12:30 — 13:00
Genesis Kai, Nova Sapien
Artwork presentation: "A Drop Of Blood In A Sea Of Voices"

13:00 — 13:30
Alexey Severin, 3D, VR / AR artist
Artwork presentation: "An Ordinary Morning" & "Rewind. Whirlpool"

13:30 — 14:00
Olga Dvoretskaya, NFT Producer and speaker for ART & TECH
Success and Secrets of NFT Sale
21 Dec
Start 4:30 pm CET |
10:30 am NY
21 Dec
Start 4:30 pm CET |
10:30 am NY
Yana Kuzmina & Denis Semionov / @sa1ntdenis
Welcome words from curators

4:40pm — 5pm
Anna Matiets, VR artist, art historian
Artwork presentation: "Traumacore"

5pm — 5:20pm
Yana Kuzmina & Denis Semionov / @sa1ntdenis

5:20pm — 5:40pm
Anna Shvets, Art historian, curator, contemporary art lecturer, founder Tatchers & artambassadors. world initiative

5:40pm — 6pm
Snow Yunxue Fu, New Media Artist.
Artwork presentation: "Daughter ICE"

6pm — 6:20pm
Jiabao Li, 3D AR/VR media artist
Artwork presentation: "Toss Pan Dance"

6:20pm — 6:40pm
Solimánlópez, New media concept artist
BIOART: Future with no age diseases

6:40pm — 7pm
JoshCraig, Musician, NFT artist and just super talented friend
Future of NFT in music