EXILAND — Metaverse AI exhibition

Today, thousands of artists have been forced to leave their hometowns for various reasons - wars, discrimination, censorship, repressions, genocide and so on. Many of them are forced to start life from scratch.

With the exhibition "EXILAND", we want to express not only loss, but also hope. Hope for change our future using the power and synergy of the global art community.

As a community we see our Mission as democratization of art through AI tools for creators of the present and future beyond borders and countries.

Producers of the exhibition: Yana Kuzmina & Denis Semionov.

"The idea of the AI exhibition "Exiland" is in line with the difficult times we are all going through right now. Every day, communicating with artists, I feel their pain, loss, critics and fear of censorship in different countries. I believe that today we must support all those around the world fighting for their rights and freedoms right now", Yana said.

Denis Semionov comments:

"The expression "A birthplace determines a walk of life" describes the idea of the main barrier in the life of people - physical territory. Your birth place will determine which apps will be available in your store, which currency and language will you use and which type of censorship will you face. Moving to a new country is a hard process and is not a total solution to achieving freedom, you just choose which type of regulations are more suitable for you. The Internet and new creative economy are not totally decentralized, but it gives much more opportunities. After emigration my great grandfather was living as an artist in exile and was forced to change his paintings for food on a market. I feel privileged to be able to travel, work as an artist and collaborate with people around the world. Making the "Exiland" exhibition we wanted to gather together artists who are trying to break the barriers that surround them. We all have our own walls and we are trying to achieve freedom."

Thank to all those talented artists who will take part in "Exiland":

Lev Manovich / Snow Yunxue Fu / Jiabao Li / S1ntdns / Inverse / Pauline Marcelle / Veroduplex / Gromova Julia / Anna Matiets / Genesis Kai

Walking through the metaverse, visitors will be able to see "Night flowers", a new generative art collection by Lev Manovich, made with Midjourney v4. Lev explained:

"I wanted to see if I can use Midjourney v4 strong aesthetic biases, but still make something unique and personal".

Snow Yunxue Fu is a New Media Artist who will present her "Daughter ICE" which is a long-term digital human art project. Utilizing 3D imaging techniques such as modeling and texturing, she "gives birth" to a virtual daughter as a digital human.

Snow comments:

"Showing the two emoji animations of Daughter ICE, the aim is to highlight the emotional aspects involving the difficult times, and how that can be shared with people across different cultures and backgrounds. The digital body of Daughter ICE waves at the audiences who through their avatar bodies can visit the exhibition. It also calls the visitors to think, and therefore cultivating helpful dialogues".

Anna Matiets presents her project "Traumacore". This is an internet-aesthetic that delves into the themes of mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse and trauma, tending to be more focused on trauma experienced in childhood.

"I wouldn't say that I had an idea of a particular accident behind this project, thus everyone may see something different and personal", Anna said.

And many other interesting artworks presented to the audience to see and to buy.

Visitors will attend the exhibition via VOIC HUB metaverse space as avatars. Metaverse will be accessible from PC, Smartphone or VR glasses.

As well, the audience can visit lectures and performances which will be held in the central metaverse hall. Links to all events will be available via project group. Access to the exhibition will appear in this chat shortly before its start. Most of the artworks presented at the exhibition will be available for purchasing as Nft's. Collected funds from NFT sales will be given to AI Cyber Grant. The crypto-grant to support artists / creators who have been forced to leave their homes, but continue to create art and develop connections within the communities. Open call within AI Cyber Grant will start in February 2023.

Customize your avatar via basic location of VOIC HUB. Click the link and follow the simple guide!

Digital art talks during the exhibition

  • 18.12 / Opening "Art in Exile" exhibition in Metaverse. Lecture about Metaverse & Generative Art. (Yana Kuzmina, S1ntdns, Sylvain Levy, Lev Manovich, Snow Yunxue Fu and others ).
  • 19.12 Dialogue of artists (Twitter Spaces)
  • Lecture from Phygital+ (date to be confirmed)

Project partners, without whom "Exiland" wouldn't happen:

ARTCATS.DE - web & graphic design studio.
VOIC HUB metaverse gallery

VOIC HUB is not just a digital gallery, it is an emerging international community of people from the world of art and technology, these are researchers, people with their own position, these are new names in art, and a detachment from conservative relationships in the art environment.

We created the VOIC HUB space to build an invisible bridge between the concepts of web2 and web3, to provide an opportunity to collaborate, create exhibitions and educational events by the community, not by centralized institutions.

"Art In Exile" is the second exhibition at VOIC HUB, we are at the very beginning of the journey, join us! / IG:

Phygital Plus is a NoCode tool for 2D/3D content creation with AI easier. All needed neural networks in one space and one click available. 7 years of experience in AI and VR industry.

Over 60 international awards, including Cannes Lions shortlist, RedDot, Webby, VR Awards and an Emmy Award nomination and over 100 realised projects as a service company.

Informational Partners: 

We are welcoming artists of any nationality from any country!

Exiland is a community-driven club that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of artists who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of art and technology. Whether through exhibitions, grants, or other initiatives, Exiland is committed to helping its members achieve their creative goals and to fostering a vibrant and dynamic artistic community.